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Wood Maintenance Specialist in Marbella, Andalucia


The outsides platforms, needs  maintenance, therefore we offer you our services.  Which permits us to be in direct contact with our clients and thus to be able to leave this work in the hands of our personnel specialized. They will do a perfect work providing sanding to restore the wood, special oil or well varnish. 

Each time they are more, the floors of wood that are installed in our country.  With the arrival of the summer, and the high temperatures, the wood of outside, installed in horizontal parameters suffers the punishment of the solar rays and the high temperatures. 

Doing a correct maintenance we will manage to have the platform with the same aspect, that the first day. 

Therefore we dedicate us completely to offer solutions, to maintain the perfect floor, during all its life. 

We include the better cleaners, oils and varnishes of professional use.

Photo Gallery with previous work done to our clients, click here!


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