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Special Wood Work - Decks, Hot Springs, Interior Wood Design, Exterior Wood Designs, Roofs, Ceilings, Porchs, Wood Floors, Pergolas, Wood Structures and Special Wood Designs
Wood Services in Marbella, Andalucia


We supply and install synthetic materials and above, all natural materials in national woods and  imported, thus same we are specialized in Platforms for outsides (Decks, Pools, Spas, Terraces, Gardens, Attics, and other tailor made wood works …) offering the most extensive variety in measures and finished, and maximum quality in Platforms of Wood. 

We can permit us to be competitive in the market in supply of platform because we are direct importers, for that reason we can offer you the best product to the best price, keeping in mind that our providers guarantees us the provision of platform all the year. 

We know the essence and the behavior of the wood, because of it we utilize it, to create all kinds of environments.  Covering walls, floors, facades, ceilings, fences, gardens, furniture, etc. …all it including the best quality in African, European, Asian, and Tropical woods. 

Maderclass offers the best quality and nobility in woods, as is the Ipe, Teka, oak Tree, Have, Jatoba, Sucupira, Maple, Elondo, Berbau, etc. ………… of these so noble and solid materials at the moment of to work them we can do floors, pergolas, porches, arbors, masseters etc. …

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  • Parquets
  • Exterior Wood Platforms
  • Platform masonite
  • Laminated pavements

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